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FinitoWorld Features VacTrack Alongside Bill Gates

VacTrack's co-founder, Gabriella Hakim, featured alongside Bill Gates as they talk about the importance of vaccines.

At VacTrack, we are committed to the concept of accessible healthcare and believe that technology has the power to democratise medicine; this is the driving force behind VacTrack. Our ultimate goal is to improve population health across the globe. Inevitably, therefore, the VacTrack app is free. Our vision is strongly aligned with the goals of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and we are constantly inspired and taken aback by the commitment and impact of both Bill and Melinda.

In the new issue of FinitoWorld, co-founder of VacTrack Gabriella Hakim is featured alongside Bill Gates and personally cites him as an influence. “Bill Gates has always stood out as the standard to which we should all aspire. In particular, his work in both biotech and digital health through his Foundation has emphasised the fact that tackling health crises requires intervention at population scale, which aligns with our own mission of accessibility for the masses. I think personally, it's seeing his ability persist through the bureaucracy and complexities associated with healthcare today that has motivated us.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a historical involvement in combating infectious diseases and has been leading the charge to eradicate polio for years. Since 2000, Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance) and partners have saved over 13 million lives by vaccinating over 760 million children. Indeed, this programme has had an enormous global impact; only last month the continent of Africa was declared free from wild polio. This is a historic milestone, with global eradication on the horizon.

Image by pixabay, via canva

The Gates Foundation’s involvement in the vaccination space means they have been in the spotlight since the coronavirus pandemic hit the front page back in 2019. The Foundation has committed over $350 million to support the global response and continues collaborating with Gavi to accelerate the manufacture and equitable distribution of the vaccine when it becomes available.

The VacTrack app has the power to deliver the digital solution for the management of the coronavirus vaccination scheme. Through a patient-centric platform, accessible to all, VacTrack acts as a digital immunity visa for vaccination tracking and personal guidance. VacTrack’s mission is to increase access and adherence to vaccinations across the globe.

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