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Transforming population health through vaccines: Spotlight on Chandu Wickramarachchi

We are excited to introduce Chandu Wickramarachchi as VacTrack’s Chief Technology Officer. With exceptional experience as both an Emergency Medicine doctor and technologist working with health-tech startups, he will drive VacTrack’s technology development with patient needs at the centre.

Chandu is an Emergency Medicine Doctor in North East London and has previously worked with health-tech startups, as well as cross-disciplinary NHS teams and non-profit organisations as both a medical and a technology advisor. His key roles span from full-stack web and mobile development projects to undertaking clinical data transformation across multiple healthcare systems. Most recently, Chandu was involved in an initiative aiming to design machine learning algorithms to augment front-line diagnostic processes through both structured and unstructured A&E triage data within Barking, Havering, and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Chandu to the team” said Gabriella Hakim, VacTrack CEO. “Chandu has demonstrated cross-platform and technology expertise which will be pivotal to the ongoing success and development of VacTrack’s technical abilities. Chandu is a true visionary and he will make an incredible leader as we start to build our engineering teams. It is rare to find someone who both understands the needs of patients, doctors and has the technical ability to drive change where it’s needed most”.

His cross-industry expertise makes him a clear choice for this vital role at VacTrack which comes at a pivotal time as VacTrack continues to grow its user and partnership base. Working alongside VacTrack’s founders, Chandu’s leadership and vision will be a tremendous asset as we rapidly roll out our product roadmap.

“VacTrack has such clear potential to empower personal responsibility for health; and consequently, improve healthcare outcomes for communities, organisations, and our wider society” said Chandu Wickramarachchi. “From its strong foundations, I am keen to use my technical knowledge to help VacTrack evolve into the founders’ vision, and build upon its core principles of security, trust, and regulatory compliance to meet the needs of the modern healthcare ecosystem.”

We are excited to continue building our team through the next stage of development – please reach out to hello@vactrackportal for any enquiries.

Connect with Chandu on Linkedin

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