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VacTrack enables the safe return to workspaces, venues and services with vaccine and test verification. Your business has the flexibility and autonomy to set the criteria for your needs for vaccine and testing requirements.

VacTrack seamlessly manages your vaccina

Managing the Covid-19 crisis with VacTrack

How it works

1. Business sets requirements

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Your company sets the requirements that must be adhered to by employees or customers. This can involve Covid-19 testing, vaccines, or a combination of both.

2. VacTrack informs and alerts user

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VacTrack infroms and alerts your employees or customers of the requirements and directs users towards local clinics for testing and vaccination. 

3. Certification of vaccine and tests

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Following vaccination or testining, VacTrack will generate a QR code and provide certification of the result.

4. Validation at point of entry

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Your company can implement 'point of entry scanning' to validate the immunity status of individuals when entering a venue or workplace.

Why you need VacTrack

Covid-19 will persist regardless of the easing of  lockdown restrictions. Exposure to Covid-19 still poses a threat and has the potential to deplete your workforce.


Following a phased return to the workplace, the implementation of a new environment is required to protect your employees and customers.


VacTrack is your solution. 

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Our Partners

VacTrack is the digital solution that enables companies to manage risk and validate Covid-19 vaccines. It facilitates the reopening of education, hospitality, entertainment venues and the workplace. 

There will be ongoing changes to Covid-19 policy and VacTrack's agility means you can implement these changes in real-time. We will ensure that your business is compliant with new guidelines, allowing you to stay open.

Retail and Hospitality

VacTrack will enable retail and hospitality to reopen safely following the easing of lockdown restrictions. By validating the immunity status of employees and customers we can prevent the spread of Covid-19 and help companies stay open for good.

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Businesses and Offices

VacTrack has partnered with NKD Pizza to verify delivery drivers who are vaccinated against Covid-19. Ensuring safe interactions between workers and the public is the first step in reopening business and offices.

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Events and Venues

VacTrack is facilitating the reopening of safe venues and events by validating each individual's Covid-19 vaccination status. This can be implemented during ticket purchasing or before entering the venue.

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Partner With Us

If you are a business owner or events manager and need help reopening following the Covid-19 vaccine, get in touch and we will validate each individual's vaccination status to ensure your spaces are safe.

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