The digital immunity wallet

VacTrack manages your vaccination schedule with personalised recommendations, reminders and digital certification, so you can access your vaccination history on demand. The next normal will require evidence of immunity status to travel and enter venues. Download the app now!
how safe is travel right now

Safe travel with VacTrack

Planning your next holiday and unsure which vaccines you need?

Download VacTrack for personalised vaccine guidance and digital certification.

1. Get personal vaccine guidance

VacTrack provides personalised vaccine recommendations based on your travel destination, NHS guidelines, medical history and other risk factors 

2. Book your vaccine appointment

Once you have been notified by the NHS, you can book your Covid-19 vaccine appointment. For all other vaccinations, book directly with your local clinic

3. Scan barcode for verification

Input the batch number, scan the barcode and upload your official paper certificate to store your vaccination record digitally

Welcome to the next normal

We understand you are desperate to get out and enjoy yourself again... in order to transition to the next normal, we need to create safe spaces.
VacTrack is the route to achieving this via seamless and secure validation of vaccine and testing status.
VacTrack helps you store your vaccine certificates easily on your phone and validates your Covid-19 vaccine status digitally.

Download VacTrack for free

Here at VacTrack, we believe in democratising healthcare so that everyone has access to the services they need.


This means we can tackle healthcare problems on a population scale, like vaccination adherence rates.


Help aid vaccine research

The national Covid-19 vaccination programme is underway. You can help aid Covid-19 research by downloading the VacTrack app, uploading your vaccine certificate and reporting any adverse effects or positive test results.
We understand your concerns around the vaccine which is why we need to work together to help make the process transparent. We are using this data to identify trends to determine if there are risk factors associated with developing specific side effects. We intend to share insights with users to enable you to make informed vaccine decisions.
As an independent party, not associated with any government or vaccine providers, our mission is to enable patients to take control of their vaccination needs.
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VacTrack's co-founder Gabriella Hakim talks about how Bill Gates has inspired a new generation of digital health entrepreneurs, aiming to solve some of the biggest challenges in global health.

Meet the team

Gabriella Hakim

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BSc, Biomedical Sciences, UCL​

MSc, Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford

Louis Seller

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BSc, Medical Innovation, UCL

Commercial Genomics, Lifebit

Summer Analyst, Saphira Group

Emily Gaizley

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MSci, Natural Sciences, UCL

PhD Candidate, Cancer Institute

Summer analyst, Bank of America